ТОО Имтек Болашак

ТОО Имтек Болашак

ImtechBolashak is a newly registered construction company in Kazakhstan


Discussions between Imtech and Bolashak on forming a local company have taken place over a number of years and in December 2009 a decision was made to combine the strengths of both companies and form ImtechBolashak, a local Kazakh company. The company was registered and opened in mid-2010. Currently employed over 600 high led skilled construction personnel.


The objective is to create a world class Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance service provider in Kazakhstan. To take the best strengths from both companies and combine them to offer a technically strong company with a highly trained local workforce.


There are strong synergies between Imtech and Bolashak which made the partnership an immediate success with both companies being fully aligned on targets and goals.

Bolashak is a client driven Kazakh service provider who has operated in Kazakhstan for over 15 years. During that time they have trained and upgraded the quality of its personnel to provide a higher calibre of personnel and services.


Imtech is a European Engineering, construction, Commissioning Company. It has a number of company directives one of which is “local for local. The company is committed to ensuring ImtechBolashak has strong roots in Kazakhstan and the local community.

A second Imtech policy directive is “train from within” which ensures that local talent is grown within the company and builds a strong well trained Kazakh management team and workforce for the future.


Already the company has commenced a number of training programmes and will import the latest technology into Kazakhstan by local training or sending members of our local team to various centres of excellence within the Imtech group.


ImtechBolashak strongly believe that the training made is a solid investment in ensuring a strong future for ImtechBolashak in Kazakhstan.

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